22.3.15, GESEKE

Like in the years before, the Volkstanzkreis Geseke-Salzkotten took part of the Geseker-Freitag. Our Childrengroup had fun by dancing in front of many spectators and our youth-group sold waffles to the hungry people in front of the One-World-Shop.

17.01.2015 Also this year the general meeting of our club had been well visited with about 30 participants. After the official part we enjoyed each other with one or two beer and candys.

Soest, Hansetag.
At the 12.05.2014 we danced with much fun at the Hansetag in Soest. Also we went over the marked where we saw many interesting spectacles on stages, food and a lot of candys.


The new club-committee of our folkloregroup was voted by the members at the yearly general meeting.

(Right to left) Lisa Kieselmann, Tobias Bökamp, Jonathan Smolin, Christina Dömer, Doerthe Ramm, Friederike Dirks, Andrea Grabau and Michael Schmidt