The "Jugendfestwoche" is an international festival of folkloredancers und musicans, which is all 2 years at the Wewelsburg. Twelve german folklore groups invite groups from all nations to to have a week full of dances,music fun and to learn from eachother.
Our folkloregroup from Geseke is a part of this Festival since over 50 years.

1954 there had been the first international "Jugendfestwoche" which was leadet by Gregor Tomaschewski. After the musican leadership has gone to Wilfried Reckmann,this festival become a great Event in the region of Padeborn. Nowadays it´s leadet by the Jouth Office of Paderborn, Markus Smolin from the Ostwestfälischen Volkstanzkreis and Wolfgang Ehlert from the Danzdeel Salzkotten.
With over 800 dancers and a few thousands spectators there had been the 30. international Jugendfestwoche.


But what does it meand for the group of Geseke,to be a part of this festival?
All two years the festival is our "large event",
every group prepares themselfes to this event month before of its destination. Besides of numerous performances it´s very important for us to give the guests a view on our traditions and values. Also we want to learn as much as we can from all the other nations.
An essantial factor to make this idea possible is the housing in guestfamilies. This enables special relationships between the individual persons which often results into long strong friendships.

During many festivals,Geseke had got groups from Estonia,Hungary,French,Sweden,ireland,Norway,Mallorca,Bulgaria and Serbia.
2013 we had been very happy to welcome "Leigarid" from Estonia again in Geseke.

We all hope,that there will be many Festwochen anymore time in future and the we will meet old and new friends from all over the world.

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